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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

What should we all be eating? A commonly asked question amongst all of us. Biohacking in essence, tries to answer that. It’s about being mindful of your bodies own personal needs and eating accordingly. Also referred to as ‘citizen science’ where you hack your own ‘biology. In biohacking, your body is a system; with food going in and mood, energy and spirit coming out. Therefore, if you measure diet and lifestyle and see how they directly affect the body, you can fine tune your inputs to ultimately get the best result you want to personally achieve. It’s a philosophy of being in control of your own life. At Plant Based Food Source we think this makes a great deal of sense. A prime example is a friend of the company who was given 6 months to live due to multi-organ cancer. She had tumours everywhere except for her brain. She changed her lifestyle and went on a superfood diet, more exercise, stopped drinking and smoking and showed no cancers after 3 months.

We have heard so many similar stories like this at exhibitions around the world from people still alive and healthy, more than a decade after being written off by the medical profession.

Hacking your own life to lengthen, strengthen and nourish it. Something that can only be improved with sourcing the correct foods. A fantastic product we have become very excited about is ‘LOOV’s organic Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, a chemical found naturally in certain plants and animals. LOOV Organic Astaxanthin comes from high-quality microalgae Haematoccus Pluvialis, freshwater green microalgae and the best source of natural astaxanthin known to man. So why should you include this little miracle maker in your everyday diet? Astaxanthin helps increase your body’s resistance while relieving aches and keeping your heart healthy. It can act as a mood booster and is safe for pets.

Packed with the Power of Nature. Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants. It is 6000x stronger than Vitamin C and 800x stronger than CoQ10. LOOV's Astaxanthin is grown and produced in Europe next to a protected national park with their own source of baby-quality spring water. B stands for BENEFITS The list of things Astaxanthin might help you with seems to be endless: • strengthening immune system • supporting normal brain function • shielding skin from the high sun and UV rays and tanning quicker • helping ease joint stiffness and relieve aches. • caring for tired eyes and helping with clearer vision. • soothing skin sensitivities, nourishing it and improving complexion. Know Your Source LOOV's Astaxanthin (Haematococcus Pluvialis) microalgae has the highest concentration of natural astaxanthin, but some brands may still sell a synthetic version, which is not safe for human use. Farmed salmon (and other fish) are also fed synthetic astaxanthin to achieve their red hue. Some tips when buying Astaxanthin - Make sure it’s:

  • grown in fresh, baby-quality water

  • organic

  • natural, and not synthetic

  • extracted using supercritical CO2

  • production has passed quality control

  • vegan

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