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We all have a solution, eat Organic.

Quite a scary read in the Grocer this week about hazardous chemicals being found on supermarket food (article linked at the end). We have always been aware of pesticides used on food but now it is back at the forefront of our minds again, its only right we should be more seriously considering the answer. Choosing Organic.

Standards vary from country to country but most Organic foods must be grown without:

  • pesticides (limited,natural pesticides only)

  • growth stimulants like hormones

  • GM Ingredients

  • Routine use of antibiotics

  • Artificial colours or preservatives

Organic produce is something we specialise in at PBFS whether it is Tea, Protein Powders, Dried Fruit, Herbs, Seeds, Vegetables, Oil, Pulse and much more. If you are looking for Organic, please get in contact. Details at the bottom of the website.

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