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Useful Links for process trials and equipment hire.  Get your processing legally validated. Backed up by support specialists, Holmach offers not only cutting-edge technology but consultancy on new projects, process establishment and optimisation, training, service and spare parts. for networking and job searching the pharma free ultimate cure to arthritis using organic whole food ingredients for scientifically based proof of the benefits of plant-based diets, from a trained GP who states that in 7 years medical training, he was not taught about nutrition!  Powerful information backed up with impartial evidence.

Tantalisingly tasty vegan and gluten-free organic meals - straight to your door.  A safe and tasty way to ensure a vegan diet gives you everything you need, in a calorie controlled programme.

A quick and inexpensive way to train new staff in all matters of food safety, hygiene and allergen dangers.

Vegan Business Tribe | Support to grow a successful vegan business

A dynamic and fantastic network of companies and people who care about all things living especially planet Earth.

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