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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Being a keen and active sportsman, I was getting somewhat worried about arthritis creeping up on some finger joints and knees. Rather than take medication and risk the side-effects on my major organs I sought advice from some close friends and circles of influence in the Health Food sector.

Avoiding certain foods helps, but to get on top of the dastardly disease that was creeping up on me, I started taking antioxidant plant-based supplements – all certified organic of course.

Turmeric and Boswellia are well publicised superfoods and I have been a great fan of Seabuckthorn for many years. But I was unsure about how to use these products in my diet to best effect. There is little point shovelling in spoonfuls of these products without appreciating how they might be absorbed to the full benefit of your body. Most will pass straight through you if they are not in an absorbable format.

Then I checked out what a customer was doing with some ingredients we supplied and found a “Holy Grail” for arthritis cure. It is called GG GoldenPowerPlus™ and provides you with an absorbable cocktail of premium organic plant based natural ingredients with powerful antioxidant powers, all packed into a vegan capsule. Nothing else is added - no bulking or flow agents, no fillers.

I put it to the test and 4 weeks later, other than one finger joint, no arthritis at all. Even that joint is much better and without too much noticeable pain.

There are more details about this product and how you can buy it here:

D. Jack


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