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About Alkaline diets

“No disease, including cancer can survive or thrive in an alkaline environment.”

Dr Otto Warburg, 1932 Nobel prize winner for Physiology.

So, we knew this nearly 100 years ago and yet cancer patients are not treated with alkaline diets, even today. Dr Michael Gregor GP, who preaches health and well- being advice on nutrition and diet tells us that in all his years of medical training he barely had more than one hour’s education on diet and the potential for prevention of diseases, rather than cure.

So, if you get seriously ill, seek nutritional advice and consider an alkaline diet. I have heard so many stories from people who have been diagnosed with “terminal” cancer, given months to live and yet they stand in front of me several years, if not decades later telling me how they changed their diet and cleared the cancer from their bodies. They did this by changing to a plant-based diet, but also one of minimal acidity.

So here is one brand of alkaline water that goes down extremely well and delivers deep hydration.

Makes you feel great even if you aren’t ill.

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